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The founders of the Vietnam Veterans Political Action Committee all served in-country during the Vietnam War. We served in the Army, Navy and Air Force. We recognize the importance of our fellow veterans banding together to support political candidates and causes beneficial to veterans issues.

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The safety and survival of our country during this time of war is the paramount issue in this presidential campaign.

Vietnam War veterans from across the country are uniting to endorse the presidential candidate best able to protect America and win the war on terror.

We believe that the national security of the United States of America is best protected with a president who is committed to a strong national defense and an aggressive policy of seeking and destroying the enemy.

There is only one candidate who has emerged from the primary process that has shown the leadership qualities and commitment to lead the war on terror that we believe is necessary to preserve our national security. That candidate is Senator John McCain and we fully support his quest for the presidency.

The Viet Vets Political Action Committee will raise funds from donations to assist the election of John McCain. Our mission is to analyze the polls in the crucial battleground states and place as much advertising as our contributions will purchase to influence voters in those states to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

All contributions are used to purchase advertising. No contributions are used for any other purpose.

Send a donation of how ever much you can afford and join with us to help elect a strong leader to safeguard our national security.

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